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Sustaire’s ATA Martial Arts has been offering instruction and training in Taekwondo for many years.

About Our Instructors

All our instructors have undergone a rigorous 2-3 year training period before becoming a fully certified instructor.  At both our locations you will find high ranking, full time instructors who are there everyday, guiding your student towards their Martial arts goals.


  • Senior Master Mark Sustaire, 7th Degree, World Champion
  • Master Barbara Sustaire, 6th Degree, World Champion
  • Ms. Dani Moore, 5th Degree, World Champion
  • Mr. Michael Osborn, 3rd Degree


  • Mr. Scott Morrison, 5th Degree, State Champion
  • Mr. Andrew Vorster, 3rd Degree, World Champion
  • Mr. Brayden Villani, 3rd Degree, State Champion