Get the Most Out of Your Membership

Are you and your student getting the most out of your Sustaire’s taekwondo experience?  All students have the ability to come to class everyday the school is open.  Our class schedule gives families the ultimate in flexibility, please make sure you take advantage!  For Leadership students, there are extra classes including Saturday morning leadership and grappling classes AND twice weekly XMA/Creative classes.  These additional classes let students really focus on specific parts of their training.

All members have access to instructors for private lessons most Fridays.  Private Lessons schedules are available at the front counter.

Make sure you sign up for a tournament too!  We are lucky enough to have schools a long history of successful tournament participation.  Between the McKinney and Allen schools we have close to 1,000 World and State champions.  Our students also have the chance to participate in every size tournament the ATA has to offer from small In-School tournaments to the World Championships help every summer just a short drive away in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Parents Night Out is another great service we provide.  Watch for these special nights where you can drop the kids off at the school from 6-10PM.  We feed them and entertain them for 4 hours, while you go out to dinner, shopping or just enjoy a quiet evening at home.  Potty trained siblings are always welcome!

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