Preschool Martial Arts

You’re looking for an activity for your busy preschooler.  Although there are many traditional sports available, but martial arts offers much more than just physical training.  Sustaire’s Karate for Kids has a special curriculum for preschool martial arts.  We offer children a strong foundation in essential character building qualities such as courtesy, respect and discipline.


In addition, our preschool martial arts program stresses the development and improvement of the younger child’s motor skills, including their ability to focus, pay attention and follow directions.


Not only do these lessons benefit preschoolers, they are an outstanding addition to your kindergartner’s daily routine.  Our Tiny Tiger martial arts students show substantial improvement in their ability to focus in school because of their martial arts training.  Our entire staff is dedicated to providing you and your child with the support you need to lay the foundation for future success, not only in academics, but in life.

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