A White Tiger Started Our Path in Martial Arts

Little did I know that an event I attended would have such a profound effect on my life. My niece was involved in martial arts and taedwondo in particular, when I was invited to attend the American Taekwondo Association’s (ATA) opening ceremonies for their World Championships. At that event, their Grand Master, H.U. Lee appeared on stage with a gorgeous white tiger. As a long time animal lover, the appearance of this white tiger captured my attention immediately. Knowing the rarity of the white tiger, I was amazed to see this creature in the middle of a martial arts event. Upon further research, it turns out that white tigers and other animals are an integral part of many martial arts.

Some years later, after having my son, we became involved in martial arts through the ATA. Through the teachings of now Eternal Grand Master H.U. Lee, my son has become a leader and more confident child in every aspect of his life. Martial arts gave him his first taste of competition and victory, taking the XMA World Champion title in 2008. The foundation laid in his taekwondo classes have given him to tools to succeed in school and in other sports. When I look at my son today, I see the same confidence in his eyes that I saw in Eternal Grand Master H.U. Lee’s as he stood next to that white tiger so many years ago.


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